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Incentive Program *NEW*

Our customers are always posting our product on forums, IG, FB, Twitter, or create DIYs & Videos and we want to give back to our loyal and amazing customers!

We appreciate the support and spreading the word!

If you create a DIY with photos and/or videos and post it on a forum you will receive a 1 time 15% discount good on your next purchase.

If you post photos or review on IG/Forums/FB etc you will receive  a 1 time 10% discount good on your next purchase.

For every NEW PRODUCT Photo or DIY you post you will receive another discount code

**These are unique codes that will expire 1 week after created and can only be used once**

Please see examples/guidelines for a good DIY/Reviews/IG post to receive your discount code:

For 15% off:
Detailed Video Review 

Detailed Forum Review 

For 10% off:

Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you with your discount code -  we will also share/post the photos and tag your IG/FB!
(all discounts last 1 week - you can receive a NEW 1-time use discount for every NEW post)

Thank you!