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Choose from Tails - Fogs - Side Markers - Reverse for the Audi Q5 Lower rear bumper tails


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4pc tool kit


This is for the lower rear bumper of the Audi Q5 models.

The Audi A5 is an amazing car but some models are missing LEDs tails! You can make your car better, brighter and safer with these LEDs.

These fogs/tails/reverse & side markers are brighter and shine a wider area on the ground for better visibility - this makes driving with these LEDs a safer better option.

Our LEDs when installed in your tails have a lot of features and benefits:
-Creates the continuous light stripe look vs individual bulb/led lights (similar to the Audi front DRLs to better visualize/explain)
-Fills more of the housing with light
-More vivid red as our LEDs are red instead of white
-Quicker light up time creates a faster reaction time for other drivers (safer)

Plug & Play - no special wiring needed.
Error Free
Lifetime Warranty

Choose your kit on the drop down:
Only Side markers (2)
Only Fog LEDs (2)
Only Tails (4)
Only Reverse (2)
All 3 items: Fogs/Side Markers/Tails (8) (no reverse)
All 4 items: Fogs/Side Markers/Tails (10) (with reverse)


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