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H7 HID Kit for aftermarket Projectors for the MK7 including but not limited: Helix, ED's, Spyder.


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4pc tool kit

product details

This fits ALL aftermarket H7 projector headlights included but not limited to helix, eds, spyder.

This is not a marketing gimmick but fact:
-Super THIN HID ballast – at only 12mm thick this is thinner than most and a lot thinner than the more popular HID ballasts.

-Having more light creates a safer and more enjoyable ride.

-There is NO EXTRA hidden cost for canbus, anti-flicker, anti-interference, it is all included in this kit at no extra charge!

Reputation – shop with confidence:
We have been on this forum for 5+ years now, at any time people can post their experience with their product good or bad, we strive from positive feedback and making sure we only bring the best products to market that customers will be happy with, you know when you purchase this kit you will be receiving the best and will be 100% happy with the light output and overall product.

Our HID ballast features:
-quick start in extreme cold & hot weather
-works with auto-headlight feature
-won’t cause any interference with radio
-Simple plug and play install
-works with coming home feature
-turns on when you unlock your car

***Truly thin HID ballast***

SIZE of ballast:
2.75 inches x 3.54 inches x .47 inches

SIZE of deck of cards for perspective:
2.25 inches × 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches

***Truly thin HID ballast***

HID bulbs features:
-UV coated glass
-bright at 3200 lumens each
-clean white 5500k color temperature
-even light distribution on road
-clean cut-off
-2 piece kit for an easier install with your car's adapter

Our HID bulbs are made with the highest quality and standards:[/B]
-Thick braided wire
-ultra thin ballast (we guarantee it will be one of the thinnest ballast on the market)
-easy to install bracket with 3m tape & screws to make install easier – choose which works best for you and your car
-Solid strong aluminum alloy shell

Yes this is a TRUE lifetime warranty, NO 1 year 2 year warranty or confusing 1 year on bulbs 6 months on the ballast – NO tiny print, this is a true lifetime warranty as long as you own our HID kits!

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