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Complete LED Fog Light Kit fits: MK5 Jetta/Golf & Passat B6


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4pc tool kit

product details

*LEDs are brighter, and the beam angle reaches further than a regular halogen bulb

-Unlike HID Bulbs, these do not have a warm up time and will be the 5000k bright light as soon as you turn on your Fogs.
-You can handle and touch the LED bulb during install unlike HID xenon bulbs which cannot be touched during install.
-Ballasts come with (2) 3M double sided tape for easy installation
-Plug & Play resistors are included in this kit

These work best with halogen reflector housings and not projectors, we suggest visiting our HID Kits if you have projectors:
HID Kits


(2) 9006 LED bulbs
(2) Ballasts
(2) Resistors to cancel out any errors (plug & play)
(2) 3m Tape for each ballast

All LEDs are in stock and ready to ship!
*Please make sure you have 9006 fog bulbs
-Most/all MK5 Jetta/Golf & Passat B6 are equipped with 9006 bulbs.
*Mount metal resistors to metal and NOT on the ballast




----Customer DIY(this is done on a passat b7 but install will be similar)----

Customer DIY

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Comparison Review

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