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Red, White and Amber Side Markers for the All Volkswagen Models


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4pc tool kit

product details

*These fit all VW Passat B5 / 5.5 models with 194 wedges installed*

Available in white, red or amber, these bright side marker LEDs add a new style to the exterior.

LEDs will light up quicker and are brighter which creates a faster reaction time for other drivers on the road.

The brighter light these produce makes it great for tinted side markers, this will allow the light to be more visible through the tint.

Error Free
Plug and Play
Easy to install
Lifetime Warranty
Ships FREE within the US

These come with 2 LEDs for your side markers.
*Please note these are 2 LEDs, 1 for each side, not the actual housing, these are the bulbs that will go inside your OEM housing.

These will fit all cars with a 194 wedge bulb already installed in the side marker housing

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