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Bulb/LED Guide & Help

If you own a VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche/Jeep there is a good chance we have a model specific bulb already tested for you car, please use the "SHOP/SHOP BY CAR MODEL" on the website TOP menu bar to find your car!

We can help you find the RIGHT LED for you! Simply fill out contact form below!

We have our LEDs installed in all car models on the road! We have helped thousands of customers with custom LEDs!

Projectors or Headlights Reference:

Example of bulb styles:

deautokey bulb guide

There are a few ways to find out your bulb type:
-Check your owner’s manual
-Check inside engine bay or tail light – you can find a sticker or sometimes embossed on the plastic
-You can use a bulb guide – these are all over the internet from major lighting companies but they are not always accurate. These bulb guides come from 1 source and they have a disclaimer to check your bulb. We are not responsible for the accuracy of these bulb guides. One example of a bulb guide:Bulb Guide

-The best and most accurate is to remove the bulb from your car to see bulb code. You can always email us at anytime with the bulb information:
[email protected]