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Terms & Conditions

Yes! there is a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL OUR LEDs & HIDs - please read below for more info on our Warranty & Policies!

All orders ship through the USPS.
Orders normally leave our warehouse the same or next business day. If there are any delays we notify you quickly through email.
All items will ship from the US.
Shipping within the US is FREE, and only a small shipping charge to Canada and worldwide.
Priority mail upgrade has an estimate of 1-3 days. Please note that this is NOT a guarantee and only an estimate. We are not responsible for any delays from USPS.
We are NOT responsible for any lost or damage packages! You can purchase insurance for an additional charge at checkout and this will protect you from any lost or damaged packages.
If you did not purchase insurance and your package is lost or damage we are NOT liable. 
-Any lost/stolen package claims must be placed within 35 days meaning you need to contact us within 35 days.
-For any Damage Claims, you must email us 7 days after the package delivery date.
-If the package says "delivered" an investigation will be opened, if the package is not found insurance will not cover the claim.
For Canada/Overseas - We are not responsible for any VAT/Tax you might have to pay after the shipment arrives
-When shipping to Canada: If any mistakes are in your order (incorrect bulb) the customer would be responsible for shipping. We do our best to triple check prior to shipping but if any mistakes happen customer would be responsible for all shipping costs.

Buying from us insures you will be receiving a great product. We stand by our product and we have a no hassle return policy.
*Shipping fees we incurred are deducted from the final refund.
*We DO NOT remove a % for restocking fee. If we do it is only on a rare occasion if the product is returned damaged.
**You must return items securely, meaning it must be packed in a bubble pack, or box. If the item is returned damage we cannot honor the refund/return or warranty. Please include a tracking # as if an item is not returned to us we cannot honor any returns, refunds or warranty.
You can always contact us if you have any issues with our products. 
**There is no returns on HID Kits once opened, ALL HID kits come with a security seal and once it is broken you cannot return the HID Kits for any reason.  
First make sure you are purchasing the correct bulb type and light temperature. All Cars are different and some need certain adapters, & resistors, we sell everything you might need to complete the install.
**Processing fees are not refundable (these are fees the bank/CC collects for the transaction) - if our fault we will refund in full.
**There is a Lifetime Warranty on our HID Kits, meaning if there is any issues with them, we will replace them once mailed back. Customers pay the shipping to and from for any warranty claims on HID Kits.
**Every car’s electrical system is different, meaning different modifications might be required for any HID Kit. 
This is up to the customer to figure out what might needs to be done prior to opening our HID Kit. 
**All return requests must be within 30 days of purchase
**Please make sure what you are purchasing is correct. Any refunds that we issue that are not our fault will have processing fees deducted.


Please read our HID Kit 101 guide or contact us prior to purchasing:
HID Kits 101 or Contact Us

LED / HID Limited Lifetime Warranty:
Yes, our LED have a True Limited Lifetime warranty! This does not cover any type of user misuse of our product. If any of our LED have a defect we will happily replace it for you, however, we do need the defected LED returned to us (at the expense of the customer) in order to send you a new LED (at our expense).
We need the LED to examine and correct the problem to avoid any misuse of our LED. Every case is different and at the end you will always help out a customer!

For all HID & LED Fog/Headlight warranty claims: shipping costs will be covered by the customer, meaning the customer will have to pay for shipping of the product back to us, and shipping out of the new product. Due to our low costs of our HID/LED Kits and high shipping cost, we are unable to cover HID warranty claims shipping costs and ALL costs will be covered by the customer.

Our Lifetime warranty is a 1 time replacement only. However, there is a 1 year warranty on the first warranty replacement parts to protect you against any defects. The 1 time replacement is only covered for the first warranty claim. Warranties are concluded after the second replacement. All situations are different and we will always help our customers.

-If we no longer carry an item a similar item of equal value will be sent, if we ONLY have more expensive models the difference has to be covered by the customer, this is rare but can happen with older warranties that are over 2 years old. 

Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable
-Our Lifetime warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the product.  The warranty is non-transferable
-You can transfer a warranty if you are purchasing this as a gift. You have to email us 7 days after purchase with the email & name of the person receiving this as a gift, if you do not do this it will not be under our warranty

Canadian/Overseas Limited Lifetime Warranty*Please Read*:
If you are purchasing from Canada or overseas please read this before purchasing as you must agree to these terms:
For any warranty claims all shipping costs is covered by the customer. This includes shipping of damage back to our US facility and shipping of new product to you. Shipping is covered by customer for all/any issues with the order including any errors

We ship items using USPS Priority Mail with a Tracking # and Insurance. If your items are lost, you can choose to reship the items, or a refund. Your shipping expenses are NOT refundable, and if you choose to reship the items, you will have to pay for the shipping again.

Always check your local laws:
Before installing any lighting on your vehicle you should always check your local & state laws & regulations on the use of HID & LEDs. We are not liable if our product breaks any laws in your state, it is the consumers responsibility to check all laws prior to installing our products.

ALL LEDs & HIDS are for off-road use only. But we have endless positive real customer reviews and feedback.

Check out this Video review to see our HID (Non-DOT) vs Halogen (DOT) to see how these perform - you can be the judge!

When installing any bulbs for your headlights make sure they are aimed correctly.

It is the customer's responsibility to check with all federal, state, and local laws prior to ordering and installing our product. We are not responsible for any fees, or fines that results in failing to check any laws prior to installing our product.


APPLICATION NOTICE: For front facing vehicle lighting upgrades, LED bulbs are not legal in the USA for Headlight use (not compliant with DOT/FMVSS108). They are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and racing applications for specialty vehicles only. International legality varies by country. Please check with your local authorities prior to purchase and use.

Error Free Policy:
We offer many error free LEDs, we test them in many cars prior to stating they are error free, however, VW and many other CANBUS cars can still trigger an error with ourLEDs for many reasons, it is rare, but can happen.
A few reasons is if you modify your car using VCDs which changes factory settings, or if you add any other modifications to the car that might affect the electronics, such as reverse camera, new headlights, or taillights. Even if they are OEM, they are not factory set to the OEM electrical settings and can cause a light out error.

Our claims to error free apply to cars we tested with the settings we tested them with, which is OEM Factory settings, if you have an error with our bulb, you might have to add an outside resistor. You agree to this when purchasing these as error free that an error can occur under certain circumstances.


If you do get an error with our product, you can return it after 30 Days, our shipping fees are not refundable.

If you are not sure if your car might cause an error, please contact us and we can help research your car.

HID/LEDs can vary in appearance than that are shown in our listings or customer's DIYs.


In no event will be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this product. 
We ALWAYS suggest having a trained and insured professional install all our LEDs that warranty our work. If you have any issues with our LEDs/HIDs during or after your install we are not responsible and the person who installed your product is 100% responsible. 
We have never had any issues with our LED and these have been tested in all vehicles listed. The disclaimer is there to protect us against any user-error while installing these LED sets. 

We are always available:

We offer support on all our products, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] or through our Facebook Page
We will always reply in a timely manner.

Errors on our website:
If there is an error in any pricing or shipping costs we reserve the right to refund that purchase to the customer. You agree on this policy once you place an order on our website.

Here for the customer: 
We are "here for the customer" meaning our main goal is customer satisfaction and that means all our products have a Lifetime Warranty so you can buy from us with confidence! 

Below are quick terms and conditions that are automatically agreed upon once you checkout and purchase from our website:

Shipping Insurance must be purchased to cover any damage or lost packages.  In an event of any damage or lost packages a claim must be opened with the USPS prior to shipping any new product. 

All HID/Fog headlight kits are non-returnable once opened, they are still covered under our Lifetime Warranty and we warranty our product against any defects for a lifetime.

Our LEDs/HIDs are not replaceable due to any user error. But we will help and work with setting you up with a replacement instead of buying an entire new kit.

Our Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable - if you are purchasing this as a gift you can contact us 7 days after purchase with person's email/name and they will receive the lifetime warranty, otherwise the Lifetime Warranty will only be valid to the original purchaser of the product.

We test all of our LEDs to ensure they are error free, however, different car modifications, VCDs or sub-trims could cause errors. We can only guarantee LEDs are error free in the car model we tested within the listing.

Shipping fees are deducted from any return even if the shipping is Free

Shipping insurance only covered a package if it was not delivered. If the package says "delivered" but you did not receive it this is not covered until an investigation is conducted with the USPS claiming they in fact did not deliver the product. Calling USPS will allow them to place a tracer on the package that can tell them where the package was last scanned.

In no event will deAutoKey/ be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this product.  We always suggest having a trained and insured professional install all our LEDs that warranty their work. 

Always check your local laws prior to installing any lighting / all of our lighting are for off-road use only.

Refuse/refund a purchase:
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason.

We are here for the customer meaning our main goal is customer service - all of our HIDs/LEDs have a Lifetime Warranty & support so you can buy from us with confidence!

PROP 65 WARNING: our products can expose you to chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to