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Complete Interior LED DIY for the VW CC

We want to thank Kareem AKA KOWCC from for his DIY 

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deAutoKey Full Interior LED Kit.
deAutoKey Puddle LED.

Hello members. Most of you know how much of a fanatic I am for LEDs. My Puddle light DIY gained so much popularity that I had to do another one! Just when I thought I was satisfied with my Superbrightleds for my interior, approaced me and asked me to run their set and provide my feedback. The DeAutokey leds were slightly brigher, but more important, they were WHITER! This is by far the cleanest and most crisp white LED I have seen on the market. There are several members who still have not converted to LEDs for their interior, and from what I have seen, there are NEWER members also joining daily, so I am sure many folks will get a good use out of this DIY. Also, I know my friends at would like this! Features I personally liked: -Lifetime Warranty -The lights will "fade out" when you turn off your car just like your current stock lights -These will not stay on or “glow” after you shut off your car like other sets -Crisp White color – No cheap blue or yellow tint -Works with MFD (car controls) -No Errors So I'll start by saying that packaing was great. Bulbs were properly sealed in their anti-static bags, as seen below, as well as properly identified. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock The Tools I used were the following: 1- Pry Tool 2- Screwdriver with a Torx bit 3- Clamp Pulpit rock Now, let's start with the trunk. Using the pry tool, pry off the light housing from the top position Pulpit rock As you can see there is a 41mm festoon bulb that can be easily removed. Remove stock bulb, replace with LED (if LED does not light up, flip it around), then pop housing back in. Pulpit rock Moving to the rear Dome. With a pry tool, gently pry at the housing from all corners, untill it is lose. Once lose, just pull downward, exposing the stock bulbs Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pull down on the stock 194 bulbs in order to remove. Once all removed, the housing looks like this Pulpit rock Now, place your LED bulbs in place of the stock bulbs. If the bulbs do not light up, turn them 180 degrees and they will (due to the fact that they are polarized). Once all three are placed, pop the cover back on. Ensure you push firmly at all corners for a flush fit. Pulpit rock Now the vanity lights. Using a pry tool, pop out the light housing. This is the easiest bulb to replace. The housing pops out and the stock 36mm bulb can now be replaced with the LED. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Now moving to the front Dome. There are two versions of this dome, possibly more. Personally my vehicle has a sunroof, which means I have no sunglass holder. However the MESH looking plastic appears to be similar on all the CC's. The location of this MESH plastic might be slightly off between different trim packages. Very gently, using the pry tool, pull at all four corners first. Second, slide the pry tool alongside the MESH in order to pull the MESH outward further. Notice below that there are two hinges that the MESH eventually swings by once completely removed from the base. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Now remove the Torx screw on the right and left side of the Dome housing Pulpit rock Pulpit rock The housing will come off. Place your hand under the housing as you are removing the second screw, it falls right down, and you do not want do damage any wiring with the force of it coming down. Once out, the dome housing is safe to hang by its wires. Pulpit rock Towards the front of the dome, locate two black tabs that are holding in the 194 stock bulbs. Turn those tabs counterclockwise to losen. Once turned, the entire black tab (attached to the bulb) will come out. Replace stock bulbs with LEDs, then insert the bulb & tab back in and turn clockwise. Perform these exact steps on the other bulb as well. Once complete re-assemble housing. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock The bulbs are slightly longer than the Superbrightleds I was running. This extra length fills up the reflective housing much better, resulting in more light being reflected down into the vehicle. Pulpit rock Finally, now we can swap out the Glove Box bulb. Reaching in you can feel the plastic housnig. On the side closer to you (similar to the trunk housing) you can feel a small grove, where a flat head screwdriver would go in, in oder to pry it off. This can simply be done with you nail, just pry it off. Pulpit rock The housing will fall straight down. Pull a little and you will notice a black harness connected to the light housing. Squeeze the harness on both sides simultaneosly and pull away from the light housing. Pulpit rock Here is the harness. NOW BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET GO OF THE HARNESS. If you let go, it will fall into the opening and pulling it back out is a pain Pulpit rock This is where I use the clamp in order to keep it stationary!! Pulpit rock The housing has a metal surround that needs to come off. Pulpit rock With a flat head screwdriver, pry at the tabs on all four corners. Once done, the metal cover will come off by pulling upwards (see next 2 pics) Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Remove stock 194 bulb and replace with LED, ensuring that the LED is facing the proper direction Pulpit rock Here is a picture from the other side (light emitting side) Pulpit rock Replace the metal cover, and plug the assembly back in. Now you have a complete LED interior setup.....with NO BULB OUT ERRORS. Yes, believe it or not the DOMES do throw off a code, if you use cheap quality bulbs with no built in resistors. Here are some pictures of the interior with all the bulbs in......... Trunk- Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Rear Dome- Pulpit rock Front Dome- Pulpit rock Vanities- Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Glove Box- Pulpit rock Miscellaneous- Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock I would take pics of my back seat, but I have 2 child seats back there, so it won't do much good...;)[/QUOTE]