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We want to thank Kareem AKA KOWCC from for his DIY 

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The process takes about 5 minutes for each side. Tools required: 1- Angle wrench (see pics) or a similar angled tool 2- Cloth 3- Screwdriver with torx bits Detail Steps: 1- Wrap the curved part of the wrench with the towel. Pulpit rock 2- Tilt mirror all the way down, and place the angled wrench behind the mirror and pry out, use a quick nudge, usually two nudges will do it. Do not attempt to do this on the sides of the mirror, left or right...that's where the cracking will occur. Pulpit rock 3- Unscrew the 3 torx screws holding the tilt module in place. Have pliers ready to catch the screws. Screws falling into the mirror housing will no longer be a quick job. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock Pulpit rock 4- Tilt module is now out. Pull out the black wire housing (the thick housing with the white sticker around it, that's holding all the wires together) from the plastic clip for better access. I'm pointing to the clip below Pulpit rock Pulpit rock 5- The blue and green wires connect to the bulb harness that needs to be removed. Pulpit rock 6- Pull out the bulb harness with pliers. Be extra careful and do this slowly. My first time, the bulb came lose and fell inside the light housing. I ended up taking apart the entire mirror assembly to remove it. Pulpit rock 7- Here is he 194 bulb. Pulpit rock 8- Swap it out with your LED bulb and open the door to make sure the bulb lights up before putting it all back together! LEDs have poles, so if it doesn't light up one way, turn the bulb around and put the base in the other way. Put everything back together and you will now enjoy this quick mod the next time you unlock or open the door. Pulpit rock Pulpit rock And Kareem's CC: Pulpit rock