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HID Kits 101 / FAQ

All our HID Kits come with a Lifetime Warranty!

If you do not already know, you will want to find out what type of bulb you will need for your car, follow the link below to The Sylvania  Build Guide website:
Bulb Guide 

For example-a 2012/VW GTI w/ Halogen H/L needs: 
DRL: H15 
Fog Lights: H8 
Low Beam Headlight (your main driving lights): H7 

We sell all bulbs listed above in a 3000K/5000K/6000K Light temperature, you can replace all or just one of your bulbs with our HID Kits linked below:
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HID Bulb Light Temperature:
The Kelvin (K) rating simply measures the color output of the light on the Kelvin color temperature scale. It does not measure the amount of light output of the bulbs. Our most popular Light Temperature is 5000K & 6000K which produce a brighter white light that increases visibility. Our 3000K light temperature is yellow and reserved for fog lights. 

HID Ballasts:
Our Ballasts come in 3 different colors: Black/Silver/Gold –our ballast are all 35w CANBUS Slim Digital AC. We offer different color ballasts because we know everyone has their own style. 

Below we will discuss the difference between Analog/Digital - AC/ DC -35w/55w & why all our ballasts already have a CANBUS Adapter installed. 

Analog vs Digital (We only sell Digital Ballasts):
Analog ballasts are the thicker ballasts, Digital are slimmer. Slimmer ballasts are easier to install, especially in the small Euro cars that have small engine bays.
Analog ballasts have snap-on wire connections to the ballast, Digital ballasts have sealed connections and are completely water tight while the analogs are not (just water resistant).  
Analog ballasts take a little bit longer to warm up, Digitals are quicker. Slim ballasts (digital) will have less issues, and last longer than analog ballasts. 

AC vs DC (We only sell AC Ballasts):
Both types of ballasts take the DC power from vehicles and power the HID bulbs for light. The difference in these ballasts is in the type of electricity being outputted to the HID bulb.
AC ballasts output AC power, while DC ballasts output DC power. 
With AC ballasts, you can expect longer life in both bulbs and ballasts.
Aside from that, AC ballast systems are brighter than DC ballast systems.  Many competitors won't advertise this fact - that is why we make sure that we make it clear that we ONLY use AC ballasts to ensure a longer life span, and more importantly, maximum light output. 

35w vs 55W (We only sell 35w Ballast):
Now, it is true that 55W ballasts will provide more light output, however that is not without a big downfall, which make a 55w ballast impractical.  The extra light output is only around 5-20%, and the benefits of this little bit of light increase is not practical vs the 35W  ballast.
One of the biggest downfalls is the short lifespan of both the HID bulb & Ballast. 
The brighter output that the 55w ballast will produce causes stress on the HID bulb, one of the main reasons it fails in such a short period is because the bulb itself 'burns' much hotter than a regular 35w.
This extra heat that a 55w ballast causes issues for those with plastic lenses, projector lights, and in actual tighter spaces we have seen the 55w ballast melt components in your engine bay. 

CANBUS Adapter (This is already installed on all our HID Ballasts):
All our HID Kits will have a built in CANBUS adapter installed so you do not have to worry about adding any.
The CANBUS Adapter will have resistors that mimic a factory Halogen Bulb, this will eliminate any error codes on your car's dashboard.
The CANBUS also eliminate HID headlight flickering that is caused by the vehicle's computer not recognizing the HID bulb. 

We have a full Lifetime Warranty on all our HID Kits, so what does our warranty cover?:
We warranty our HID Kits for a Lifetime. We do not warranty our HID Kits if they were spliced or modified in any way. To claim a warranty, please contact us for a RMA, then simply ship back the part of the HID Kit that is not working. We will ship you a brand new one. (Customers must cover all shipping cost on the replacement). 
*It is important to note when installing your HIDs you do not want to touch the bulb with your bare hands, oils & grease from your hands will decrease the life of your HID Bulb.

If you have any other questions or concerns about HID Kits before purchasing, please contact us by clicking the link below:
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