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How To Remove your VW Key Blade

 photo 1_zps9fde8dc3.png
We want to first give FULL Credit to “flip keys” from youtube for these pictures.
- click here - to see the full video on how to remove your Volkswagen VW Key FOB Flip Blade

Pictured below is the pin that you will have to remove from your key, this is the only thing that is holding in your flip blade, removing this will allow you to switch a blank flip key blade with your cut key blade, this saves you money from having a locksmith cut you a new key.

 photo 2_zpsba90abb8.png

Example of the push pin you can use to remove the pin, anything that is small enough to get inside will be efficient:

  photo 3_zpsa5f1920d.png

With a hammer, strike the pin, this will release the pin holding your key fob in place:
  photo 4_zps37aeab6e.png

Use a pair of pliers to remove the pin, you can now use your cut blade and use a hammer to replace the pin:
  photo 5_zps50730492.png