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LED: DIY FAQ Customer Reviews

All our LED are plug and play and have been tested in the models listed for sale. If an issue might arise, don’t worry, this FAQ will help address some of the most common LED issues and we are also available 24/7 to answer questions: [email protected]

Shut off your car:
When installing LED your car should be OFF and the key out of the ignition because Audi, VW, and BMW have CANBUS and the car cycles to check for light out errors.

Our LED are polarized meaning they will only work installed a certain direction, if they do not work on the first install, turn the LED 180 degrees.

Metal contacts in plastic housing:
Contacts or the metal prongs where the LED sit have slack and are meant to bend easily, most times you will have to either press these prongs closer together or push them apart depending on the contact when installing your LED.

Popped fuse:
Our LED have the correct volts and will not pop a fuse, the only time a fuse might pop is if you have your car lights on, the most commonly popped fuse is the glove box, we recommend you double check your glove box light is off when installing the LED.
LED not working:
If you followed all of these instructions and your LED still is not working, please contact us.
A few LED troubleshooting tips:
-Try to installing the LED in another car
-Use alligator clamps hooked up to a 9volt battery to test if the LED is working
-Check the fuse box in your car to make sure no fuses are popped
-Turn the LED 180 degrees
-A way to reset the VW/Audi/BMW CANBUS is to place the OEM bulb back into the housing, turn on your car for 5 minutes to make sure your light works, shut off your car and remove your key and then replace with our LED.

Reviews by our Customers:
Please note that these are all honest reviews by our customers, we highly appreciate these real reviews by real customers.
The forum member's name have been listed below in quotes with the link to the review.
If you have any reviews or feedback please send them to us so we can post them here: [email protected]

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