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LED Headlight or Fog Bulb Kit - Error Free - Plug & Play


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4pc tool kit


LED Headlights are similar but very different from HID Xenon headlights.

LED Headlights give a less intense, but BRIGHT light output. This helps get rid of the glare commonly seen with HID Xenon Bulbs and works best in halogen housings.

These work great and best as Fog lights!

-Unlike HID Bulbs, these do not have a warm up time
-You can handle and touch the LED bulb during install unlike HID xenon bulbs which cannot be touched during install.
-Ballasts come with (2) 3M double sided tape for easy installation
-Error free in many cars but an additional plug & play resistors/decoders might be required.
-If you need resistors/decoders you can purchase now or after on the drop down menu (just choose to add 2 resistors - they are sold in pairs)

These work best with halogen reflector housings and not projectors, we suggest visiting our HID Kits if you have projectors:
HID Kits

These are available in 5500K - clean white no blue:

(2) LED bulbs
(2) Small driver/ballast
(2) 3m Tape

100% Error Free / Plug & Play

Unique features:
-BRIGHT meaning these will shine past your headlights and provide more light on the sides which helps while you are driving on darker roads, cornering, bad weather or daily driving in general as more light = safer and more enjoyable ride
-no blinding glare
-clean cut-off
-turns 360 for best beam angle for your specific reflector housing
-No radio interference as we have been hearing this a lot lately from Amazon LEDs
-CLEAN White meaning no blue which makes a big difference for your eyes to adjust and if you are going to use yellow film these create a hyper-yellow color vs green that can be created if the LED has too much blue in it

If you are not sure of the bulb you need please use the bulb guide:
Universal Bulb Guide




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