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Sidemarker LED Set (Pure White) fits: MK6 / MK5 /MK4 VW GTi / Jetta


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4pc tool kit

product details

This pure white light temperature will match our interior LED set that many already have installed in their vehicles.
*Amber is also available now on the drop down menu.

They are bright and add a new style to the exterior with no blue or yellow tint.

LEDs light up quicker and are brighter which creates a faster reaction time for other drivers on the road.

These come with 2 LED for your sidemarkers.
*Please note these are 2 LEDs, 1 for each side, not the actual housing, these are the bulbs that will go inside your OEM housing.

These will not throw any codes/errors
Plug and play easy to install

These will fit the
MK6/MK5/MK4: VW Golf/GTI
MK5/MK4: Jetta

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