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Silicone Key Covers Fits: All MK7 Models including MKVII MK7 VW Golf GTI Volkswagen


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4pc tool kit

product details

**Please Note**This does not include any German Flag emblem - this emblem is only an example. This cover has a hole which will display the emblem you currently have on your key.**Please Note****These will not fit 100% with the keys that say "GTI" on the metal

These will fit all model keys that look like key in photo.

These also fit the keys that have the chrome on the bottom.
Our covers have 3 button mold on back trunk/lock/unlock - if you have the 4 button model with the panic, this will ALSO fit, simply press the trunk button on the cover to use panic. Our Customers like the sleeker appearance the silicone key cover gives the key vs having the panic button exposed.

This will also cover the entire key creating a more uniformed/sleek appearance to your key, other covers on the market leave the metal exposed which does not create a neat look, and it allows the metal to become scratched.

Please note this is silicone
IT IS NOT A HARD CASE COVER, we don't recommend the hard case covers because:

1. They break, crack, and scratch very easily.
2. You cannot use your panic button with them.
3. They are hard to install and remove once installed.
4. More expensive than silicone.

Silicone key cover benefits:.

1. These will not break crack or scratch at all.
2. You can use your panic button.
3. Easy to install and remove at anytime..
4. Less expensive than a plastic shell..
5. Easy to clean.

These cases will form on your keys tightly and not move. It is food grade silicone meaning it is similar to the one you use to cook with, the same durability and long life to protect your keys.

Great product for protecting your expensive keys!
Fits snugly on your key.
Does not come with VW emblem or key!!

Choose from these amazing colors:
Dark Red (Maroon)
Light Red
Neon Lime Green
Dark Green
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Purple
Light Purple (Violet)
Fuschia (Dark Pink)
Light Pink


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