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H7rc Xenon HID Kit fits: Volkswagen MKV GTI/Golf & MKV Jetta


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4pc tool kit

product details

Fits: MKV GTI/Golf & MKV Jetta models
This kit will include everything you will need to turn your boring dull halogen bulbs into bright xenon bulbs.

These H7rc bulbs have the superior Metal Base vs the plastic base.
A plastic base can melt over time causing alignment issues, the metal base is also easier to align and fit into the housing.

Included in the kit:

2x 35w A/C Slim Digital Ballast with built-in CANBUS Error Canceller for easy install
2x H7rc Xenon bulbs in your color choice 5000k or 6000k
2x MKV adapters for the H7rc bulbs
4x T-taps
4x Crimp Connectors

You will either use the t-taps or crimp connectors, you should use what you feel more comfortable installing, the DIY on the bottom of this listing shows the use of crimp Connectors.

Why these are different vs a regular H7 HID kit:

The bulbs are 5mm shorter and have an anti-glare shield at the base which creates a better beam pattern in the reflector housing that will mimic a halogen bulb more. These also have a metal base which is easier for installation and will not melt like plastic bases that are typically found on other models.

*These H7rc are the version with the metal on the base of the bulb, the metal base is superior vs the cheap plastic that is commonly found on other H7 xenon bulbs. The metal base is easier to align and fit into the housing.
*A plastic base can melt over time causing alignment issues and the reason why our H7rc bulbs will never have the plastic base!

*off-road / track only*


Check our our HID Kits 101/FAQ for more info on our Kits:
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----DIY For MK6 (Similar to the MK5 in way you will crimp wires)----


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