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Red Stitch Leather Boot Cover Installation Guide

DIY BY:trigger_storey / GOLFMK6 Forums

The leather looked great. The red stitching stands out and matches the oem red stitching on the steering wheel etc.

Push on the 8 tabs underneath to release the shift boot from the trim.

Remove the plastic ring surrounding the bottom of the shift boot to release the shift knob from the boot.

Remove the staples on the bottom on the boot to remove it from the interior trim ring.

The shift boots side by side prior to install.

Insert the trim ring into the new boot until you get it where you want it.

Begin by putting new staples into the new shift boot to hold it in place.

Cut the corners into slits to ensure the boot fits tightly.

Click the plastic ring back on to the bottom of the shift knob once you insert it into the new boot to hold it in place.

Snap the shift boot assembly back into the exterior trim ring with the 8 tabs.

Finished product. It was night when I got it done so I will have to take and post better pictures during the day here in the next day or so. My opinion is it looks great. It is a lot better than the syn leather that the car comes with. A great option to go with if you want real leather. It is also quite a bit thicker than the stock shift boot so it feels better and looks cleaner.