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Dual Color LED Fog [1 bulb 2 colors] Choose between a Clean White & Hyper 3000k Yellow at anytime


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4pc tool kit

product details

Yellow/White Switchback Fog LED

(2) a pair of LED bulbs - choose your model on drop down menu
(2) Small drivers (these are not big ballasts)
(2) 3m Tape for each driver

This is a true hyper yellow 3k - not orange/dull halogen look that you commonly see!
This isn't just for looks. Our LEDs are as bright as our other fog LEDs and provides more usable light for better visibility on the road

You receive 2 LED bulb for left and right housing - just 1 LED creates **5 MODES TOTAL**
1) NEW Flash and strobe mode for safety: get attention in dangerous situations / car shows (this feature is for off-road use only)
2) Hyper yellow 3000k
3) Clean white 5500k
4) Halogen color 4300k

We also have 3 setting model:
White/Yellow/Halogen (NO strobe/flash)

The bulb is always white as default - simply switch your OEM fog switch (just like you are turning fogs on/off) to go through settings: White / Yellow / Halogen / Strobe / Flash

This is not a gimmick LED - these are bright and worth installing:
-Aims light low and to sides
-Actually worth installing
-No glare
-Great cut-off
-No coding
-No splicing
-The light temperature and brightness of our LED cuts through fog better than halogens

*Quickly go from clean white to yellow to help you with snow and winter weather.

*LEDs aim have a wider spread of light where you need and want it while driving

*LEDs are brighter, and the beam angle reaches further than a regular halogen bulb

*Ballast are slim digital, waterproof and can be installed almost anywhere.

-Unlike HID Bulbs, these do not have a warm up time and will be a bright instant light as soon as you turn these on
-You can handle and touch the LED bulb during install unlike HID xenon bulbs which cannot be touched during install.
-Drivers come with (2) 3M double sided tape for easy installation

How to use this kit:
****Very easy to use: Simply turn your fog light switch on/off to switch between colors - no extra wiring or coding required!!****
****If you want to bypass a color or feature simply turn off your fog LEDs for 2 seconds and then turn your fogs back on - it will revert back to default white color****

-With yellow on stand-by or even if you want to use hyper yellow full-time you can now choose easily by how you feel that day. Hyper 3k yellow to standout or help you in the rain or snow. Clean white to match our HID/LED low beams. Halogen 4300k to match OEM halogen low beams and strobe/flash safety / emergency / car show mode.

-You can turn these 360 degrees so you can achieve the best beam angle. This is a must for any halogen housing due to the variations between each manufacture's reflector housings.

******FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)******
Is there a lifetime warranty?

YES! As always this comes with a True Lifetime Warranty!


Will your fogs keep changing colors if you use them as cornering lights?

These work perfectly as cornering Lights.
If you are using your fogs as cornering lights it will always be the default color of white.


How does this work with the coming home feature?

This works just like OEM. It will always be the default color of white.


What if I have the yellow feature on and turn off my car; will it then go into the next color when I turn it back on?

The LEDs will always revert back to the default color of white. Then simply turn the fog on/off for your desired color: yellow/halogen or strobe/flash mode.


Can you bypass the strobe feature?

Yes, this works when you turn the fogs on/off quickly. If your next mode will be strobe simply shut off the fogs for a few seconds and then turn it back on and it will go back to the default white.


Can these turn 360 degrees?

Yes, these are a fully adjustable design so you can turn these 360 for the best beam angle.


Are these as bright as your single color de360 fogs?

These are very close in lumens - many people that have switched from our single color white to our dual color yellow/white LED fog kit have not noticed any difference in visibility.
As we said this is NOT a novelty yellow/white you normally see. This is meant to be used to help with your visibility.


How do these operate when parallel Parking and Turning quickly in a parking lot?

Since this kit works on voltage if you are turning your wheel quickly and sending voltage to the Fogs while Parallel Parking or quickly turning in a parking lot then this will change the fog color. An easy solution is to turn on your fog lights if you know you will be turning your wheel quickly a few times in a row. This will allow your fog to stay 1 color.

-Error Free (on rare occasions some car models could require an extra outside resistor - our resistor is 100% plug and play that requires no splicing or attaching to metal - this is a separate purchase)
-Errors could appear in some car models when you use the Strobe/Flash mode but the errors will go away once you switch to solid white, yellow or halogen.

******FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)******


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