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Headlight LEDs for Reflector Housing (Halogen housing) Fits all cars including VW, Audi, Jeep


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4pc tool kit

product details

Our LEDs simply work:
Ignites in cold and hot weather
Low voltage (coming home feature / unlocking car etc.)
Fades in/out like OEM without a harsh on/off

The word NO has never been so good:
NO drop in lumens/brightness - true lumens mean our LEDs are as bright hours into your ride as the second you turn on our LEDs
NO Need to code or alter your car to make our HID/LED kits work
NO Need to turn off any Daytime Running light functions
No blue or yellow tint (clean white only)
NO GLARE to oncoming traffic
NO Radio interference
NO Relay required
NO Flickering
NO Errors (these are CANBUS LEDs - while extremely rare some cars might require extra resistors - we sell plug and play resistors where you DON'T have to tap into wires or have to attach them to metal which is one of the only model like this online. These resistors simply plug into your OEM adapter and our LED adapter. You can either buy them on the drop down menu now or if you see any issues you can purchase at another time. As we said it is rare to see these errors but our plug and play adapters will fix any errors. These can ONLY be purchased if you purchase our LED kit.)

Please read:
-These are different than the HID kits we offer for the reflector housing. While the HID are brighter these are MUCH brighter than halogens and a clean white color temperature.
-These have an instant on/off operation
-Easier to install than a HID Kit
-Creates a clean cut-off similar to halogens and even projectors (see photos for reference).
-No blinding glare for on-coming traffic

Choose from many bulb types - if you do not see a model you need please contact us and we can get you a custom kit. We have many LEDs being added daily and most likely have it in our warehouse but not on our website yet!

This kit will include everything you will need to turn your boring dull halogen bulbs into bright LED bulbs

These work perfectly with your reflector housings, there is no need to spend time and thousands of dollars on retrofitting your headlights. This kit is all you need for a safer, more enjoyable ride with the amazing visibility that can only come from a LED Bulb.

-This includes 2 bulbs
-3M tape
-Small Driver (one of the smallest on the market)
-Optional Plug and Play Resistors on the drop down menu (these are not always required and we suggest buying without - you can always purchase at another time if you see any errors)


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