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H15 DRL Xenon/Halogen Hybrid Bulbs-Error Free-Fits: MK6/7 GTI/GOLF-MK6 Jetta Sportwagen



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4pc tool kit

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Important key notes to please read:
-These are meant as a bright clean DRL - these will NOT be brighter than your current high beams - if you rely on your high beams please check out our very bright H15 DRL/High Beam LEDs

These will fit all halogen headlights with H15 DRLs including:

Volkswagen MK6 GTI/Golf
Volkswagen MK7 GTI/Golf
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta Sportwagen
Volkswagen MK7 ALLTRACK / GSW
-If you have h15 DRLs - these will work!

Sold in pairs - this kit has 2 bulbs
Choose from
Clean white
Amber/Yellow color
To explain amber/yellow color from a real customer:
The color is spot on. Not too yellow, not light yellow like an old incandescent bulb.

We are only offering the 5500k - more crisp clean white color temp. These are halogens and ONLY a 5500k when on by themselves (no outside light), if you place your headlights with the high beams these lights will look yellow. The main purpose of these is to have a clean white DRL, not to be used as high beams.

-No halogen will match a xenon/led headlight but it will come close and look much cleaner than a regular halogen bulb.
-These are 100% plug and play with no wiring or coding required
-These will have a blue reflection due to the housing, please look at the complete REVIEW posted above as these are not returnable.
-These are NOT xenon bulbs and WILL NOT produce xenon-like results

Warranty on the h15/halogen bulb:
*These come with a 30 day warranty to avoid any defects.
*This product is NON-returnable/NON-refundable once opened and used. If you have any questions about the product prior to purchase please contact us.

*Available in:

If you are not sure of the bulb you need please use the bulb guide:
Universal Bulb Guide

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