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Single Color Footwell LEDs Red / Blue / White Fits: MK7 Volkswagen GTI / Golf / GSW / ALLTRACK


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4pc tool kit


***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R/GSW including 2015/2016/2017/2018!***********

You can adjust the brightness of these footwells through your MFD (multi-function display)! These can dim to 20% and go as bright as 100%. These act just like your OEM bulbs currently.

These are plug and play LED bulbs -

*****They fit all MK7 GTI/Golf/e-Golf/R/GSW AND ALLTRACK!*****

This will light up your entire footwells with a bright Red, Blue or White light.
These LEDs will match perfectly with the OEM LEDs already installed in your car.

This is NOT a strip of LEDs, these fit directly into your OEM Footwell housing and will replace your current footwell bulb.

You can change your footwells to any color including:
-OEM Red color (Matches your interior perfectly)
-White (Brighter than current OEM LEDs installed)

Kit contains:
(2) Footwell LEDs in your choice of Red/Blue/White

Error Free
Direct Plug & Play (the black housing does not have to go back on after installing our LEDs)
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping within the US


Install is SIMPLE:
----Easy to follow DIY----
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