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Remote Control Color Changing Footwell LEDs Fits: All Audi & Volkswagen Models


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4pc tool kit


This fits all Audi models!

Over 15 colors with a click of a button!!

These are plug and play LED bulbs with IR sensor so you can remotely change your footwell color at anytime. This will fit in any Audi Model.

-Your Audi/VW model could have a "Pin style" or a "194 wedge style" Bulb.
It is very easy to figure out which you need.
-The pin style is LEDs and are more of a white color temperature
-The 194 glass wedge is more of yellow color temperature

If you are not sure - please follow this link:
How to choose which footwell LED you need - opens in New Window

-You can choose from 2 or 4 (each option will include 1 remote which is all you will need to control all footwell LEDs)
-Each footwell has to be switched individually.
-Choose between 194/921 wedge or Pin style

This is NOT a strip of LEDs, these fit directly into your OEM Footwell housing and will replace your current footwell bulb.

You can change your footwells to any color including:
-Dark Blue
-Light Blue
-Light Green

-The color you choose is stored in memory, meaning these will be the same color as you previously selected before you shut off your car.
example: if you choose blue, and shut off your car, the next time you turn on your car, the color will be blue.

-You can have a solid light, strobe, fade, and flash through all colors or just one, all while choosing different speed settings for each mode.

-Easy to use and read remote (actual remote you will receive is pictured).

-Controller will control footwell that the remote is pointed to, meaning you can have 2 different color footwell options, ie: driver side blue, passenger side red. Or they can match.

-Without the remote these will act like your regular footwells, powering on when your car unlocks.

-You can adjust the brightness levels from 1-100% with a click of a button, brightness % is remembered for the next time you turn on your vehicle.
-This is great for passengers who want a different brightness option, they can adjust their brightness and it will not change your footwell brightness which is unique to our color changing footwells (other footwells can only be controlled through the MFD and it will change the brightness on both sides).

Important tips: Metal housing on the footwell does not and cannot be placed back onto the footwell housing, the metal is there to reflect light outwards from the halogen bulb, since our LED is facing outwards, you will not have to worry about losing any light.
-The RF Receiver can break if you do not install these correctly, these must be installed on an angle, we are not responsible for any user error.

*Please note that the white in the footwell colors in the video is from the interior lighting, when the interior lighting is OFF, the footwell color will be a solid color without any white spots.
*In some cars, the white will have a hint of red/blue/purple on the sides due to the way the housing is cut. This is not true in all models. All other colors are guaranteed to be a solid color, white will be the only color that can have a variation of colors due to the way the plastic is cut on certain footwell housings. It is not commonly seen, however some models might have a different cut in the plastic housing

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