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New Brighter Amber Front Turn Signals for the Volkswagen 2015+ MK7 Golf/GTI


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4pc tool kit


This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf including 2015/2016/2017!

These will fit the headlights with the lighting package / xenon headlights.

Features of this amazing small but powerful LED bulb:
*These are bright even in direct sun light
*Dark amber color fills more of the turn signal housing for a more appealing look.
*Lights up faster which creates a quicker reaction time for other vehicles on the road.
*Bright Amber color can be seen further and better out of the corner of the eye.

In real life driving situations these will look and be brighter - the way it reflects in the housing and the quick light up time of these LEDs make these brighter vs OEM incandescent bulbs during the day, at night, there is no question that these LEDs are much brighter (maybe too bright if that is a possibility).

-We would like to add that we would never sell a product if it didn't have the approval of our customers and us! We have tested to make sure these LEDs look good in your housing and we are happy to say we have the best option for your front turns!

These are newly tested and designed bay9s bright amber front turn signals! There was a few reasons why it was so difficult to manufacture the perfect bulb for the MK7 front turns, the LED bulb had to be small enough to fit into the tight MK7 housing!

Installs in seconds and fits perfectly in the MKVII GTI headlight housing.

-Error Free
-Plug & Play
-Free Shipping
-Lifetime Warranty

Listing is for a pair, right/left. Bay9s LEDs


----DIY Install----

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----Video Review showing brightness+quicker light-up times----
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Review for the new MK7 Turns - Opens in new window

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