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Complete Taillight LEDs – Pick your LEDs: Reverse, Brake & Turn Signals fits: BMW F2x, F3x, and x1


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4pc tool kit

product details

You can choose the LEDs you want on the drop down menu below, once you make your selection click "add to cart" then make another selection on the drop down menu to build your own custom LED taillight Kit. -----

These LED bulbs will be a direct plug and play replacement for your incandescent bulbs.

-No errors
-No hyper-flash
-No additional outside resistors required

-LEDs are the quickest and simplest way to get brighter taillights and a new look to the exterior of your car.
-LEDs also light up quicker which creates a faster reaction time for other drivers on the road.
-LEDs will be brighter more vivid color which fills more of the housing giving a better & cleaner appearance to your lens and making them more noticeable for other drivers on the road.

You can choose from a wide variety of bulbs depending on the look you are trying to achieve.
The brake require 3 red bulbs on each side of your tails making it a total of 6. But we also give you the option to only choose 4 instead of 6 (2 on each side).

*Choose from (6) or (4) Brake LEDs (2) Bright White CREE Reverse LEDs and from (2) Amber Turn Signals*

Our LEDs include a Lifetime Warranty & Ship Free


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