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Brake / Tail & Turn LED Kit for the new 2016+ Volkswagen Passat B7!


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4pc tool kit

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New for 2016 Volkswagen Passat B7 Models
These are an Error Free Plug & Play bulb, no special wiring or coding is required!

2 bright 194 + 2 bright 7440 bulbs will complete the LED look for your rear tails/brake/turns!

-LEDs light up quicker which creates a faster reaction time for other drivers which means these are safer!

-Lights more of your housing with a brighter more vivid red light creating more of an LED tail effect.

These are tested to work and look great in your housing!
Includes 4 LEDs total!
Like ALL LEDs - these include a Lifetime Warranty!

Reverse LEDs for the Passat can be found here:

Reverse LEDs for your Passat B7


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