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Complete Brake / Turn / Tail LED Kit - Bright - Error Free - Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen GTI/Golf


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4pc tool kit


***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R/GSW including 2015/2016/2017!***********

These LEDs fit the GTI/Golf/e-Golf/Golf-r that requires 4 LEDs please click the link below if you require 6 LEDs for the GSW (Golf Sportswagen) (opens in new window):
6 LED Brake LED option for the GSW

These DO NOT include the REVERSE LEDs - you can find the ones that fit your model here(link opens in new window):
Reverse LEDs for the MK7 GTI/GOLF/E-GOLF/GSW


**These Bulbs replace your brakes, turn signals and tail light bulbs with bright LEDs**

There is a big/bright contrast between the tails and when you activate the brakes meaning when you hit the brakes they are going to be brighter than the tail LEDs so people can easily see you. Many LEDs being sold do not take this into consideration, this is something we tested so you can buy with confidence knowing you will be seen! These are also brighter than stock incandescent bulbs!

A must have upgrade for your new MKVII GTI Volkswagen, these are a new brighter diode setup which creates a LED look to your tails with a lot of contrast between brake/tails which is the most important feature of this LED.

The MK7 is an amazing car, but it is missing something, LEDs brake lights! You can make your car better, and brighter than other MK7 on the road with our bright LED Brake LEDs.

All other LEDs will look dim compared to these.
Why buy our LED tail/brake/turn kit vs changing the entire housing?
-Many feel the stock non-LED tails styling looks more OEM vs the LED tails.
-The OEM tails also flows better with the car's styling.
-Less expensive and a lot easier to install.

Our LEDs when installed in your tails have a lot of features and benefits:
-Creates the continuous light stripe look vs individual bulb/led lights (similar to the Audi front DRLs to better visualize/explain)
-Fills more of the housing with light
-More vivid red as our LEDs are red instead of white
-Quicker light up time creates a faster reaction time for other drivers

These bright LEDs light up quicker which creates a faster reaction time for other drivers. These LEDs will also produce a deeper Red color (see photos for comparisons).

Plug & Play - no special wiring needed.
Error Free
Lifetime Warranty

Kit includes
(4) 7440 SMD LEDs

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