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Universal Mirror Puddle & Door Warning / Puddle LEDs for all Car Models


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4pc tool kit

product details

These puddle lights can be used for the door or mirror puddle lights in your car! Check out customer photos to see how bright these really are!

We only use the brightest and best diode LEDs in the manufacturing of our 194 Mirror/door Puddle and Warning LEDs! You will know you will receive the highest quality LED that are bright and simply work!

The LEDs have a multi-directional beam angle but are small enough to fit in the compact space of the bulb housing.

Our LEDs will evenly disperse light creating more visibility when your car door is open.

You can choose from red or white LEDs - the listing is broken down in 2 and 4 door puddle and door warnings.

Puddle LEDs: these are normally on the bottom of the doors or on the bottom of the mirror (both options are available on the drop down menu)
Warning LEDs: these are normally on the side of the door behind a red housing - we have this option in red

This is for the 194 wedges - if you have 36mm festoon please contact us.

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Plug & Play
Lifetime Warranty
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