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Reverse LEDs 194/921 wedge fits: 2013+ Volkswagen CC


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4pc tool kit

product details

These new bright reverse LEDs have been in design and testing for the past 3 years.
We are very happy with the results, we have created an error free, plug & play bulb that is one of the brightest on the market.

You DO NOT have to tap into your wires any longer, and these will simply plug into your reverse light adapter and work error free.

These are 10pc CREE LED 194/921 Wedges with a few unique features:

There is a front mounted projector lens that sit in front of 2 very bright CREE LEDs, this projects light outwards without having any light scatter within the reverse lens, creating a brighter more focused beam angle.

It also has 8 CREE LEDs around the LED, this helps utilize the VW reflector housing within your reverse housings.

Finally, we use a bright 5500k crisp white light temperature.

These features creates a better and brighter reverse camera image which allows for an easier and safer time when reversing.

Kit includes:
(2) Reverse LEDs


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