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Complete LED Fog Light Kit with no glare Fits: Volkswagen Atlas


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4pc tool kit

product details

***********This will fit all VW Atlas models with fogs installed***********

Do I need the auto start/stop adapter? PLEASE READ UPDATE FOR 2019!!!

These adapters only work in 2018 models. In 2019 VW changed their electrical system and OEM Halogens NOW flicker when you use auto start/stop feature.

Since our adapters are meant to act like OEM this means it will flicker if you are plan on using auto start/stop with 2019 models. Again, this is due to VW OEM operation. Even Halogen bulbs will flicker in 2019 Atlas models when you use auto start/stop.

BUT if you have 2018 model and you plan on using your start/stop function please choose the kit with the adapters. If you are shutting OFF your auto start/stop while driving you DO NOT need to purchase the adapters.

These are SMALL adapters that are 100% plug and play and simply plug into the Fog light adapter and OEM adapter - it DOES NOT require any splicing or coding and is 100% plug and play and doesn't change the install process of this fog kit.
If you are NOT using start/stop function you do not need this extra adapter.

If you DO NOT use auto start/stop in your 2018/2019 model our LEDs work 100% perfectly without any adapters.

de360 is our new line of LEDs that can turn 360 degrees!

You now have the ability to turn your fog lights 360 degrees - this is a must for any halogen housing due to the variations between each manufacture's reflector housings.

Having the ability to turn your LED lights 360 allows you to choose the best beam angle by simply turning the Fog Light!

-This will NOT produce any blinding glare.

*6K LEDs is one of best light temperature to cut through fog better than halogens

*LEDs aim have a wider spread of light where you need and want it while driving

*LEDs are brighter, and the beam angle reaches further than a regular halogen bulb

*Ballast are slim digital, waterproof and can be installed almost anywhere.

-Unlike HID Bulbs, these do not have a warm up time and will be a bright instant light as soon as you turn these on
-You can handle and touch the LED bulb during install unlike HID xenon bulbs which cannot be touched during install.
-Drivers come with (2) 3M double sided tape for easy installation
-100% ERROR FREE with NO outside resistors or coding required
-Plug & Play resistors are included in this kit


(2) H11/8 LED bulbs
(2) Small drivers (these are not big ballasts)
(2) 3m Tape for each ballast


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