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Front & Rear Footwell LED Conversion Kit Fits: All Volkswagen/Audi with 194 Front Footwell Housings


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4pc tool kit


All you need is to have front footwell lighting housing and our kit does the rest.
-These fit the Footwells with 194 Glass Peanut bulbs.

-100% Plug & Play
-No Wiring
-No Housings
-No Striping or cutting wires
-No Coding
-No need to plug anything into your car's cigarette lighter - Power comes directly from your OEM front footwell housing!
-Install note: You DO NOT have to replace your footwell backing once removed. It is only there to eliminate any light from escaping due to the VW lighting being dim - our LEDs are bright and does not have this issue. There is no other need for the housing and does not need to be reinstalled.

If you do not have a front footwell – you can purchase our wire/housing kit HERE. Once you have Front footwells you can install this kit.

This kit works by installing a LED bulb into your OEM front Footwell housing and then running a wire to back seat with attached LED strip. Easy and simple!
-Works with MFD – meaning you can dim both front/rear
-Works like OEM meaning this will turn on when you open your car or stay on while you drive. How your OEM acts our LED kit will do the same.

Kit contains:
(2) LEDs bulbs for OEM housing 1 for each side
-attached to the LED bulb is 1 stealthy black wire and 1 LED strip for rear seat

Choose from 3 colors:
Bright clean white color temp
Our kits include 2 bulbs for your front OEM housing attached to a wire/LED strip.
Includes 3M automotive foam tape for easy install

NEW- Color Changing model - over 15 colors with a click of a button! Please note with the color changers you have to change each one individually by pointing the remote to the LED - this is by design so each person can have their own color instead of being limited to having whatever color you have in the front. You can now have blue/red in the front and orange/green in the back. There is no limitations to the color combinations. They also can independently flash/strobe/fade in and out.

Step 1:
Install bulb into OEM housing
Step 2:
Run stealthy black wire through plastic / carpet or anyway you see fit
Step 3:
Attach LED strip to back seat with 3m tape
Step 4:
Enjoy front/rear footwells

Error Free
Direct Plug & Play
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping


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