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Glove box LED - Bright - Crisp White - Error Free


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4pc tool kit

product details

Light up your glove box with the right LEDs!

-Error Free
-Free Shipping
-Lifetime Warranty
-Does not stay dimly light when your car is off
-Crisp White light temperature [no blue or yellow tint]

Please choose the type of glove box LED you need on the drop down menu below and color, choose from white/red/blue

The voltage is set right on our LDS so it WON'T pop a fuse - many LEDs on the market pop the glove box fuse.

If you are not sure of the bulb you need please use the bulb guide:
Universal Bulb Guide

194 is interchangeable with:
124, 158, 160, 161, 161B, 168, 168A, 168LL, 168NA, 175, 192, 193, 194, 194A, 194B, 194G, 194NA, 194NAK, 194R, 195, 2821, 2825, 2825L, 2827, 2886X, 3652, 558, 658, W5WB, w16w, w5w, 955, w15w, 921, 579, 904, 904NA, 906, 906NA, 912, 916, 916AK, 916NA, 917, 920, 921, 921K, 922, W10W, w16w, t10, t15

36mm is interchangeable with:
6418, 6418, 6461, 6486X, DE3423, DE3425

31mm is interchangeable with:
6428, DE3175


Glove Box LED install for the GSW
Complete interior LED kit (features footwell install @ ~ 8 minutes 58 seconds)

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