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Trunk LED Bulb - Error Free Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen GTI / Golf / Alltrack / Golf Sportwagen


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4pc tool kit

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***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R/GSW including 2015/2016/2017!***********

**Please note - the Golf Sportwagen and ALLTRACK requires a new special Stage III model and the only model that will work in the GSW/Alltrack along with the Complete housing**

The MKVII GTI Trunk LED Bulb is perfect for lighting up your trunk with a crisp white light, these will match your OEM LEDs perfectly.

-Plug & Play
-Error Free
-Lifetime Warranty

You can purchase 3 different Stage bulbs
-Stage I - Bright

-Stage III - Brightest LED we offer

-Stage III - Same brightness as our original Stage III but made with custom components that allow it to work perfectly in the GSW/ALLTRACK (works without issue)
->Will not stay dimly lit when you are driving or car is off (no ghosting)

-Stage IV is a Complete LED Housing - Replaces your entire housing with the brightest LED on the market. (This model doesn't work in all GSW/ALLTRACK models and we suggest STAGE III if you have a GSW/ALLTRACK - the complete housing COULD flicker if you manually turn on all your lights in the cabin using the button. It will not flicker if you open your door for light, lock/unlock door or while you are driving - opening all your lights with the button is not common and want to mention this - if you are not someone that does or plan on doing this the complete housing will work great for your Alltrack/GSW)

-STAGE V - Complete Trunk Strip with 48 LEDs! This includes 3 OEM style adapters so you can plug it in any car model on the market. Installs in seconds and includes 3m tape

Each stage will have ~25-150 more lumen output using different LED technology. Having 3 different bulbs allow you to stay within your modding budget and pick the bulb that is right for you!

1 LED in either Stage I, III, or Stage IV Trunk Housing

There is also a brighter LED Trunk Strip Available: Trunk Strip LED Option

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