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Entire Trunk Housing Bright / Error Free / Plug and Play Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen GTI / Golf


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4pc tool kit


***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R including 2015/2016/2017/2018!***********

For Alltrack/GSW you will need the STAGE 3 model found HERE

This will replace your entire trunk housing with a brand new super powered and bright LED housing.

This trunk housing will light up your entire trunk, instead of a replacing a single LED bulb into your old housing, this will replace the entire housing with 18 SMD LED chips.

This takes second to install and will cause no errors, it is a simple plug and play design that will fit perfectly into your trunk housing.
This makes the perfect addition to anyone who wants more light in their Trunk!

Plastic on this LED housing will not create blue spots commonly seen with the OEM VW GTI housing when installed with an LED bulb.


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