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Trunk LED Strip - Bright - Error Free - Plug & Play Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen GTI / Golf


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4pc tool kit

product details

***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R/GSW including 2015/2016/2017!***********

The MKVII GTI Trunk LED Strip is perfect for lighting up your entire trunk, unlike the regular housing which will only light a portion of your trunk, this LED strip will light up your entire trunk leaving no dark spots.

-The LED strip has a hard resin coating that will prevent any damage if you hit into your strip while removing items from your trunk.
-Plug & Play
-Error Free
-48 Bright White LEDs (Also comes in red)
-Enough LEDs to light up your entire trunk but short enough to fit any trunk, can install vertically or horizontally.
-Long wire, that is an all stealthy black which allows for an easier clean install, this wire is long enough to place anywhere in your trunk
-Strong 3M tape & Velcro so you can install on any hard surface or trunk lining
-Resistor which allows for the light to stay on and not dim if your dome lights shut off while trunk is open. This feature is a must have, it allows for a bright continuous light at all times.
-Trunk LED will not stay dimly lit when your car is off.
-Comes with 3 adapters: Wedge, Adjustable Festoon, and Bayonet, this will fit every trunk adapter on the market.

Actual LED strip measures: 31 inches – this length will fit all trunks, can install vertically or horizontally.
Black Wire measures: 52 inches – please note- excess wire simply tucks into your trunk’s housing/lining so you will not have any leftover in your trunk.

1 LED strip with strong 3M tape attached
3 Adapters (Wedge/festoon/bayonet)
3 Pieces of velcro
NOW included: 3M Automotive Foam Tape. This will allow for an easier install and adhere better to the MK7 trunk lining.

Also available is our Trunk LED Housing:
Click here for the Trunk LED Housing


----KOWCC DIY FOR THE VW CC[applies to all cars]----

Trunk Strip DIY

----DIY FOR THE VW GTI MK7[applies to all cars]----

Trunk Strip DIY #2

----*please read*How to stick the trunk strip glue-----

How to properly stick trunk strip's glue

----Trunk Strip LED Video----

Trunk Strip LED Video

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