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Complete Error Free Interior LED Kit fits: Volkswagen Atlas


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4pc tool kit

product details

Lifetime warranty on ALL our LED sets!
This set is all you need and will replace ALL your interior lights!

->Our interior LED kit is unique and not simply all the same style bulbs like other kits. Many kits will purchase a bunch of 1 style LEDs and have you put the same bulb in your domes as your trunk - that simply doesn't look good. All of our LEDs are custom made diode arrays for each housing and area. Our trunk, puddle, footwells and domes do not look the same and are all different styles that work best in that location.

->Color temperature matters: Our LEDs are all manufactures in the same process so they will not be different or vary from one another. Many times when pieces together kits you will notice a difference in the color even if both claim to be 6000K for example.

->We use a High CRI so the interior looks clean and true to color. An example is gas station light and the hue it produces. You will notice how everything looks different under these lights. They use a lower CRI which causes this effect.

Features of our LEDs that make these look and act like OEM:
-The lights will "fade out" when you turn off your car just like your current stock lights
-These will not stay on or "glow" after you shut off your car like other sets
-Crisp White color – No cheap blue or yellow tint
-Works with MFD (car controls)
-NO flickering
-NO spotting from light (other models create lines due to the array of the diodes)
-No Errors
-True Lifetime Warranty

SUPER Bright White LED light, set includes:
(6) Front & Rear Dome
(2) Sun Visor
(1) Glove Box
(2) Foot Well (Choose your color white/red/blue)
*added option - you can now also choose Multi-color footwells on the drop down - choose from over 15 colors with a click of a button (these are discounted from regular price when purchased in this kit)

(2) Trunk Light
(2) Puddle LEDs for the door (only SEL & SEL Premium models have this as an option) - please choose this option on the drop down menu

*Our multi-color footwells is a direct plug and play option that installs into your OEM housing - there is NO wires - NO coding - NO splicing - a very simple install.

**We now have front/rear color changing footwells - when adding it on in the interior kit it is discounted - learn more about our kit by checking out this listing:
Click here for Front/Rear Footwell LED kit


----Interior LED DIY---
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----Interior LED DIY---

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