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CANBUS License Plate LED NO OBC Error fits: MK5


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4pc tool kit

product details

LED Light for your mk5 license plate!

Upgrade the look of your license plates in seconds with this easy to install mod.

Kit includes:
2 LED bulbs

-These include low profile aluminum heatsinks that allow for an easy install without popping any fuses. This also provides a longer lasting LED. Many LEDs pop fuses or do not fit due to the size.

Many new car models will come installed with license plate LEDs for good reason - LEDs are a quick and simply way to upgrade to a more modern style while giving a cleaner more appealing look.

-Crisp white with NO blue or yellow tint
-Smooth and clean light with NO spotting on ground due to a smooth finish on our reflector housing

**During install please make sure the prongs that hold the LED are tightly holding the LED, we suggest gently pressing the prongs together as they have play and this will create a tighter fit for the LED.


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