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Complete LED Fog Light Kit fits: MK5 Jetta/Golf & Passat B6


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4pc tool kit

product details

*LEDs are brighter, and the beam angle reaches further than a regular halogen bulb

-Unlike HID Bulbs, these do not have a warm up time and will be the 5000k bright light as soon as you turn on your Fogs.
-You can handle and touch the LED bulb during install unlike HID xenon bulbs which cannot be touched during install.
-Ballasts come with (2) 3M double sided tape for easy installation

These work best with halogen reflector housings and not projectors, we suggest visiting our HID Kits if you have projectors:
HID Kits


(2) 9006 LED bulbs
(2) Ballasts
(2) 3m Tape for each ballast

*These are normally error free but on rare occasions you could need extra resistors. We sell them as an add-on if you do need them. Our resistors are unique: they are 100% plug and play no splicing required. They simply plug into OEM adapter and our Fog adapter. You also DO NOT have to attach them to any metal.

All LEDs are in stock and ready to ship!
*Please make sure you have 9006 fog bulbs
-Most/all MK5 Jetta/Golf & Passat B6 are equipped with 9006 bulbs.
*Mount metal resistors to metal and NOT on the ballast




----Customer DIY(this is done on a passat b7 but install will be similar)----

Customer DIY

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Comparison Review

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