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12pc or 6pc Interior LED Kit Error Free - Crisp White fits: BMW E82 1 Series Coupe 2008+


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4pc tool kit

product details

These are all CANBUS error free, plug and play LEDs.

A quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your car is with an interior LED kit, it is normally the first thing someone will notice in your car and will get people asking where you got these LIGHTS!

LEDs are now standard with many cars for good reason, they allow for you to see easier and they give your interior a cleaner more appealing look.

Our LEDs produce a clean and classy white color temperature.

Features of our LEDs:
-The lights will "fade out" when you turn off your car just like your current stock lights
-These will not stay on or "glow" after you shut off your car
-Crisp White color – No cheap blue or yellow tint
-Works with MFD (car controls)
-No Errors
-Plug and Play

This kit includes everything you need to light up your Interior:
(6) Dome LEDs
(2) Footwells - Choose at bottom of page
(1) Trunk
(2) Sun Visor
(1) Glove Box

This kit includes everything you need to light up your Interior:
Fits: BMW E82 1 SERIES COUPE non-premium Package 2008+
(4) Dome LEDs
(1) Trunk
(1) Glove Box


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