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H7 High Beam LEDs for the Volkswagen MK6 Jetta & 2018+ Tiguan


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4pc tool kit


These H7 LEDs are a BRAND NEW 2018 Technology - they are custom made to work and fit in your MK6 Jetta & 2018+ Tiguan headlight housings.

-Improves depth perception while driving at night
-clean white light that matches our HID kits, City, side markers.

This is a must have upgrade for any halogen housing - transform your halogens in seconds.

-Instant ON/OFF - no warm-up time! You have instant 100% brighter light the second you turn these on, perfect for when you quickly need bright light.

*Important*These LEDs are clockable/turnable meaning you can turn the diode LEDs 360 degrees so you can achieve the best beam angle for your specific reflector housing, due to the variations between VW models including models within the same year this is an important feature that is required to achieve the best light output and beam angle in your specific housing. This is a unique feature to our LEDs that many others fail to have.

-Error Free
-100% Plug & Play
-NO Splicing required
-Outside resistors are included - some models require them but others do not.

-These are a clean 5500k white color temperature and very bright.
-It will be like having a light bar on your car.
-These have the same design so they mimic the light beam pattern of your halogen bulb (ONLY A LOT BRIGHTER)

When using high beams correctly they can be a powerful tool while driving:
-Perfect for dark back-roads
-Perfect for turning into dark roads with no other cars around
-Must have if you live in a rural area with many dark roads and no cars - these High Beams will be your new favorite addition to your car!
-Creates a lot more light on the road
-Brightest High Beam available

(2) H7 High Beam LEDs!
(2) Custom Adapters for the LEDs
(2) 2 Resistors (required on some models - install without resistors first)

This has currently been tested in the MK6 JETTA & Tiguan to 100% work and give you the max light output. You will not find a better kit on the market!


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